Wild Alex Herbs is all about spreading plant awareness. The best way to do that is to teach others how to use plants as a regular part of their every day lives. Wild Alex Herbs focuses on using herbs as food, and it’s effect on the body so, that you can be your healthiest and your best.


  • Plant Awareness events including Herb Walks each month from June to September.
  • Journal entries that contain useful information regarding wellness, recipes, identifying herbs, plants, & trees, uses of herbs and much more.
  • Artisan spice blends and carefully crafted tea blends that make getting herbs into your life very easy and tasty. Available at the Wild Alex Herbs Etsy shop. Custom blends are also available just send me a message via Etsy or the contact page of this website.


In 2009, I completed my Master Herbalist Certificate from the Global College of Natural Medicine. I’ve continued my learning journey as a member of Learning Herbs, Herb Mentor; where I learn from renowned herbalist including Rosalee de la Foret, Susan Weed, Jim McDonald, Lesley Tierra, Matthew Wood and many others.  I’ve used my skills and knowledge of herbs for personal use, for family and friends, until now!

I started Wild Alex Herbs in May 2019, as part of a spirit goal I had as a black belt candidate. I was nervous as all can be but in June, I lead my first Herb Walk, and thus gained the courage and confidence to continue sharing my passion with the world as Wild Alex Herbs.

My Philosophy: I believe that all things are connected. I believe in using natural elements as much as possible for a happy and healthy life. I believe in balance. I believe in respect, the real, and the wild. I share my perspective, beliefs, and experience in all that I do with Wild Alex Herbs.