I believe that all things are connected. I believe in using natural elements as much as possible for a happy and healthy life. I believe in respect, the real, and the wild.

That’s all me, Alex

The purpose of Wild Alex Herbs & Wellness is to bring out the natural elements that we already have within and around us to live a peaceful life. To reconnect with nature and our deeper self.

Wild Alex Herbs & Wellness is YOUR guide to help you be the best version of yourself. Whether you are looking for ways to reconnect with nature, learn relaxation techniques to manage stress, create a more joyful and zesty life, incorporate a healthier lifestyle, build confidence, feel empowered, learn to eat your weeds… Alex has got your back.


  • Master Herbalist Certificate from Global College of Natural Medicine, 2009
  • 1st degree Black Belt in Karate from Courage Martial Arts, 2019
  • Meditation Teacher from Yogamu, 2021
  • Yoga Instructor from Yogamu, Pending

The Story

In 2009, Alex completed her Master Herbalist Certificate from the Global College of Natural Medicine. She continues her learning journey as a member of Learning Herbs, Herb Mentor; where she learns from renowned herbalist including Rosalee de la Foret, Susan Weed, Jim McDonald, Lesley Tierra, Matthew Wood and many others.

Alex started Wild Alex Herbs in May 2019, as part of a spirit goal she had as a black belt candidate. The purpose was to raise awareness about plants. As nervous as she was in June of that year she led her first Herb Walk, and thus gained the courage and confidence to continue sharing her passion of herbs with the world as Wild Alex Herbs. It evolved to creating an Etsy shop where Alex sells teas, herbs, spices, and other herbal products. And now Wild Alex Herbs has evolved once again to include wellness.

Alex has practiced yoga for over 20 years. With more time on her hands during the Covid quarantine Alex decided to get certified as a yoga instructor and meditation teacher from Yogamu.