Natural & Empowering methods of self exploration.

Step inside to learn how Wild Alex Herbs & Wellness can help you.


Wild Alex Herbs & Wellness offerings includes all services and products offered by Alex to encourage growth, self exploration, empowerment & natural ways of living by connecting to the Earth & inner self. Alex’s skill set includes herbalism, meditation, breath work and martial arts. Choose individual and/or group settings. Her services are available to all ages.

Upcoming Classes

The Kids Meditation Series is back! This class teaches kids breath techniques and meditation skills they can use throughout their life to bring calmness and focus to any situation.

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Latest Journal Entry

Pilaf with Apricots, Black Walnuts, & Herbs. This is a delightful recipe that makes an excellent side dish. It is sweet, savory and filling.

Discover more recipes by visiting the Wild Alex Herbs & Wellness Journal. You’ll find articles on plant identification, harvesting, and much more!


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