DIY Fire Cider

Make your own fire cider! Visit this post to learn about its benefits and get a FREE recipe that you can adapt to fit your own needs. It’s so easy.

Roasted Dandelion Root

If you are looking for a coffee substitute, then you found one. Dandelion root is great for liver function, digestion, and building energy. Check out this post for an Iced Dandelion Root Beverage recipe. Also learn how to brew and decoct roasted dandelion roots.

My Spirit Goal Herb Walk

Join me on my journey to becoming a black belt. I am testing for my black belt in karate through Courage Martial Arts on September 14, 2019. I am SOOOOOOO excited! It sure isn’t easy and there is lots to do before the test, like homework and projects. There are 3 goals that must beContinue reading “My Spirit Goal Herb Walk”