Private Sessions

Private Sessions are geared to more specific and defined needs. If you you are looking to manage something specific in your life using breath work and meditation this is for you.

These one-on-one sessions will guide you through the challenges you face using meditation and breath exercises as managing tools.

The Use of Meditation

Meditations are designed specifically for the client and the concern. Clients will get the meditation in audio form to access and use when needed.

The Use of Breath

Breath exercises are essential to prepare the body for mediation. Breath work is a also powerful tool to control the nervous system, immune system, digestive system and so much more. By carefully selecting suitable breath exercises, Alex will guide you through its use and technique so that you can easily apply them.

Reach Out

Whatever you needs are, whether its breathwork or meditation, now matter what you are addressing, whether it is anxiety, depression, addiction, mindfulness, or any myriad of concerns…reach out to see how Wild Alex Herbs & Wellness can help you.


Rates apply to both breathwork and meditation sessions. Rates are based on time.

  • 60 minute sessions are $65.00
  • 30 minute sessions are $35.00

Book a Private Session

To schedule a private session please fill out the form below. You can also call/text Alex at 414-379-6163.