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Take a step into my Shop on Etsy. I love herbs and creating products with them. At the Wild Alex Herbs store you will find all items are crafted by me (and some with the help of my mini me herbalist kids). I practice sustainable wildcrafting. Herbs are organically grown, responsibly wildcrafted, or purchased from reputable wholesalers.

Specialty Tea Blends

Artisan Spice Blends

Body Care Products

Nature Toys and More


Please remember that herbs are amazing and have great benefits but, they are NOT a substitute for regular healthcare. Talk with your healthcare practitioner before using herbs especially if you are on medication, suffer from chronic illness, pregnant, or nursing.

Support Small Business

Support small businesses. Visit Wild Alex Herbs on Etsy for Artisan Spice Blends, carefully Crafted Tea Blends, Natures Toys, Body Care Products and more! Thanks for your support. Visit Mountain Rose Herbs to buy quality herbs in bulk.


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