In the world of herbs health is measured by looking at the imbalance of mind, body, and spirit. Wild Alex Herbs & Wellness focuses on natural and empowering methods of exploration and support including herbs, meditation, breath, yoga, and martial arts to bring about self care and awareness.

Why Schedule a Consultation?

The goal is to help you better understand YOUR mind, energy, body, and spirit connections, and why you are experiencing certain physical manifestations. Understanding this will allow YOU and Alex to determine the best possible protocol for YOUR body and lifestyle. Herbs are carefully selected and paired to the individual based on needs and constitution of both person and plant. In addition, we’ll explore your lifestyle to see if and where adjustments can be made for a more peaceful you.

Why Schedule your Consultation with Alex?

Alex is dedicated to the path of natural health and empowerment. Her skill set including herbalism, martial arts, meditation, breath work and yoga make her an ideal guide for your mind, energy, body, and spirit exploration to wellness.

What is Included in a Consultation?

The initial consultation will be about 60 minutes of exploration. We will talk about all aspects of your lifestyle. Two follow up appointments will be scheduled. The first, to present and go over a tailored recommendation. And a third appointment will then be scheduled, one to two weeks out, to monitor the recommendations set in place.

What to Expect During a Consultation.

You will be required to fill out an intake form prior to your appointment. During the initial consultation, together we will review your intake form in depth, explore your lifestyle, mind, energy, body, and spirit, and discuss the concern for which you are seeking a consultation.

During the first follow up appointment we will discuss the recommendations best suited to your lifestyle. The second follow up session we will check how the recommendation protocol is going and make any necessary adjustments.

Who can Schedule a Consultation?

Herbal consultations can benefit anyone be it male, female, adult, teen, or child. Many herbs are gentle enough for children and yet strong enough for any adult.

Where do Consultations Take Place?

Consultations are conducted in-person or via phone. In-person consultations are held at Inspirit Wellness Center in De Pere.

The Cost of a Consultation.

Consultations are only $125.00. This cost includes a 60 minute initial appointment, one 30 minute follow up appointment, a second follow up that will be 15-30 minute and the protocol recommendation.


Payments are due at the first appointment. Credit cards, Paypal, Venmo, cash or check payment methods are accepted.

Scheduling your Appointment

Get in touch today for your whole mind, body & spirit exploration to wellness.

To schedule an herbal consultation fill out the form below and Alex will get back to you within 24 hours. Or call Alex at 414-379-6163.