Consultation & Private Sessions

Herbal Consultations

In the world of herbs, health is measured by looking at the imbalance of mind, body and spirit. Herbal Consultations can help you better understand these connections as they pertain to you. Herbs are carefully selected to help you along your path.

Breath Work Session –

Schedule a private breath exercise. This gives you the opportunity to learn how to breath according to YOUR needs.

Meditation Session-

Schedule a private meditation session. This gives you the opportunity to meditate according to YOUR needs.

Classes & Workshops

Meditation Classes

The mindful meditation class is an hour long class that involves breath work to ready the body and mind for meditation. If you want to learn how to meditate, or how to breathe more effectively, come join Alex.

Virtual Meditation

Coming soon!

Empowerment Workshop –

This is a self defense class that is designed to empower women with basic self defense skills to confidently deal with situations ranging from tense settings to more aggressive attacks.

Breath Work Workshop –

This breath work workshop teaches you various breath exercises to use whenever you may need them.

Meditation Workshop –

Have you ever tried to meditate and found it so hard because you just keep thinking? This meditation workshop will guide you along your journey to learn how to meditate. Meditation is for everyone. You can do it!

Herbal Products

Herb Shop –

Take a step into the Wild Alex Herbs Shop on Etsy. You’ll find Specialty Tea Blends, Artisan Spice Blends, and body care items.

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