Pilaf with Apricots, Black Walnuts and Herbs

This pilaf recipe is simple, delicious, and makes a great side dish. The apricots give the dish just a hint of sweetness. The black walnuts give it an nutty earthy tone and the herbs add that extra pop blending all the flavors to perfection. Just imagine eating this side dish with blackened chicken, or bakedContinue reading “Pilaf with Apricots, Black Walnuts and Herbs”

Baked Sweet Potato with Beans

Need a quick and healthy dinner? Here it is! The Baked Sweet Potato with Beans recipe is something I quickly put together one night not knowing what in the world to make for dinner. This vegetarian dinner is sure to please your palette. Plus, this recipe uses the Wild Alex Herb taco seasoning, Diego Rivera/FridaContinue reading “Baked Sweet Potato with Beans”